Intercolor company in Sindos Thessaloniki, offers the complete range of the top Tesa adhesive tapes for special industrial applications, such as:

  • Double Sided Fastening Tapes Cliché for Flexography


In Flexography, which is constantly evolving and evolving in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market, Tesa tapes are the foundation on which all its technology is based.

Tesa tapes provide the 5 basic properties needed by a cliché tape.

  • Easy Fastening (Mounting)
  • Stable bonding during printing
  • Flawless print effect
  • Resilience
  • Easy Detachment (Dismantling)
  • Flying / Static Splice

In Flexography and Rotogravure, but also in newspaper printing, the smooth change of roles on the move is of utmost importance.

For this reason we need tapes that offer:

  • Easy application on the roll
  • Immediate initial traction (Tack)
  • Shift at very high speeds
  • Minimal influence from weather conditions
  • Recyclable carrier


  • Re-adhesive tapes for plastic envelopes-Packaging Cheeses, other foods.


Special double-sided tapes with fingerlift (margin without glue for easy detachment by hand) and with differential welding on the inside-outside.


  • Double Sided Tapes for Permanent Fasteners (Signs-Door Construction-Elevators, etc.)


A wide range of double-sided tapes with various carrier materials (PET, PP, Acrylic, Non-Woven, PE Foam), for indoor or outdoor applications, permanent or temporary fastening and high resistance to temperature and weather conditions.


  • Packaging-Palletizing Tapes


Having created a flawless quality product, the next key step is to ensure that your product will reach its destination intact.

For this reason, our products ensure the following packaging conditions:

  • Ideal welding on all types of cartons (Recyclable, Paper Thickness / Weight)
  • Manual or Automatic application of the film with a packing machine
  • Climatic conditions of transport and storage (Freezer storage)