Name Description Packaging
Aceton Solvent for general use   25/200/1000lit
Antiskin Anti-skinner for ink cans  2lit
Chem R-Lube Lubricant protection for inking rollers without ink  2lit
Cleaner CtP EXTRA Cleaner for CTP plates free of aromatics  2lit
Cleaner HD Cleaner for CTP and traditional plates  2lit
Cleaner Strong Cleaner for very strong plates  2lit
Fargum Combi Cleaner for plates + rubber for storage  2lit
Fountain ADB Plus Wetting additive buffered with IPA use  10lit
Fountain HV-100 Wetting additive buffered with IPA use  10lit
Goldenwash D60 Wash suitable for automatic washing of rollers and rubber flash point 60°, water miscible, FOGRA certificate for Man Roland, Koenig Bauer AG (KBA), Heidelber, Baldwin  25/200/1000lit
Isopropyl Alcohol Pure Isopropyl Acohol 99.9%  25/200/1000lit
Mash Dent repair  250ml
Printwash D40 Wash suitable for manual washing of rollers and rubber flash point 40° deodorised  25/200/1000lit
Rigen L.O Low odour medium evaporation regenerator  5lit
Rigen Rubber regenerator for daily use  2lit
Roller Change Cleaning of rollers for color change  2lit
Roller Damp Degreaser for alcohol wettening rubber dispenser  25/200/1000lit
Strip Ink Removal of dry ink  2lit
Synthetic Gum Synthetic rubber for storage  2lit
Nitro Thinner Solvent for general use  25/200/1000lit
Hand Cleaning Paste  Handwashing paste  5kg
Gloves Nitrile Gloves (measures 8/9/10)


Air rubber with or without bars for all types of prints in all dimensions. Different qualities for packaging, computer printing, metal printing, advertising, etc.