Combination tape for Films

For the requirements of gravure printing where seamless changes are required during the printing process, Tesa has discovered and developed the Tesa EasySplice® FilmLine range specifically for bonding specialized plastic substrates. Fast preparation and safe joining at the highest possible speed ensure the stability and efficiency of the process.

Tesa EasySplice® Benefits

  • Save time
    As the name implies, this is an easy and therefore fast way to prepare reels for a splice. Just one straight line – no extra tape, no additional butterflies necessary.
  • Be quick
    Run even difficult-to-splice substrates at full machine speed! The secret lies in the formulation – our patented adhesive tape meets the highest requirements.
  • Reduce waste
    Higher splice performance means less waste! All tesa EasySplice® products come with a specially designed splitting strip, ensuring safe closure of the new reel during acceleration and precise opening of the new reel after contact – again and again.

Ταινίες Splicing για Βαθυτυπία

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