Complementary products for flexographic printing

Complementary solutions based on pressure sensitive adhesive technology accelerate change, prevent machine shutdown and facilitate daily tasks.

Films for roller wrapping, plate sealing, UV measurement, plates cleaning or error marking are just a few examples of tesa’s well-designed solutions, in addition to plates and flexographic printing tapes.

tesa’s experienced and globally active sales staff, backed by laboratory researchers and engineers, can provide you with ideas and solutions for identifying opportunities for greater productivity and eliminating problems during processes.


Backing Material

Type of Adhesive

Total Thickness

Elongation at break

tesafilm® 4104 PVC transparent PVC film natural rubber 65 µm 60%
tesa® 4137 PET film acrylic 50 µm 140%
tesa Printer’s Friend® 4863 PV3 Silicone coated cloth natural rubber 620 µm
tesa® 64621 Industry PP film synthetic rubber 90 µm